A new-age media company dedicated to providing the industry with the right kind of talent and resources. As media emerges as one of the contributors to the Indian economy, opportunities are growing by leaps and bounds. The industry is booming with literally millions of hours of programming being streamed right into your drawing rooms 24 hours of the day and all seven days of the week. The explosion in media is necessitating a constant pool of available talent at hand. But then, there are only so few good professionals in the line, and so few good places to learn all the tricks of the trade in an efficient way. Pragathi Media Links was launched with the sole purpose of providing high quality professionals to meet the requirements of the media industry.

The training programe is run by professionals who understand the various modalities of the media industry. Be it news reading, T.V reporting, anchoring, or any other important area related to the media, we are there to provide the right kind of guidance and know-how to help you secure a prized job in the media industry.

Some key aspects that every aspirant can master with us are:
The right body language
Diction & Modulation
Voice Culture
Appearance & Presentation skills
Maintaining good stage presence
And more...
Apart from this, you also get placements assistance